Monday, December 22, 2008

Week one down, week two in progress

Chambers is now sleeping for 4-hour stretches at night which is fantastic for us. I am solely breastfeeding so I don't get much of a break unless he sleeps. We wake him up during the day every 2 hours to eat but let him sleep at night. I am also pumping extra breastmilk so I have some extra to give him at night. He had his 1-week check-up today and he is up to 8lbs 3oz which is really close to his birthweight. Kevin is at home on paternity leave for another week - not sure how I will handle both children when he isn't here. My momma is here also and Kevin's parents were here last week and are coming back Wednesday so that has been huge. I don't know how people do it without help from family!

Itty bitty baby!

Cute paci clip from Aunt Nancy Pants

Booties my cousin Jan sent Chambers. The only thing that will stay on Chambers skinny ankles.

First time with a Paci = heaven

Nancy showing Staples how to diaper a wriggly two year old (Moseley)

Chambers dressed for the cold in his new knitted sweater and hat from Beth Snyder


Monday, December 15, 2008

Pictures of Chambers

We came home from the hospital yesterday (Sunday) about 1pm. We were so glad to be home! Here are some pictures we took with our camera this past weekend. We also took a video but I am not sure if we will be posting it anytime soon.

Chambers snoozing in his bouncy seat.

Click here for all the pics so far


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day Two - fam of four!

Hello everyone! I am in the hospital recovering from a repeat cesarean section but hope to go home on day 3 (tomorrow). The surgery went smoothly and recovery has been great. I was up and around my room by yesterday afternoon and had them remove all my cords and hookups so I could "walk-the-halls" by midnight of last night. So needless to say I am fully mobile today and had a shower this morning which felt great!

We have had lots of fun visitors so far. Chambers is very loved. My daddy and Victoria came yesterday as did Kevin's parents and Kevin's brother, John. Kevin's parents are actually on Moseley duty until we get settled back at home - that way Moseley is paid some attention to. My brother Staples drove in from Augusta which was awesome for us and for Moseley!

I am still in awe of baby Chambers. He is so perfect and yet a completely different child from Moseley. He looks different (dark hair, pale skin, smaller frame) whereas Moseley had/has olive skin, light hair, and a fuller frame. He also acts different. For one thing, he's not quite as hungry as Moseley was those first days. I have to wake him up to feed him and Moseley let me know he was hungry every hour! I hope that by the time Chambers is starving my milk will have come in. So far breastfeeding has been just as great an experience as with Moseley. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it a year like I did with Moseley but those fears are long gone.

Moseley has been to visit several times each for a substantial length. Yesterday and today Moseley told Chambers "I love you brother" and "I love you Chamboo." He also gave him a hug and kiss on several occasions which I am taking to be a great sign. I am sure when it just the three of us and Chambers is winning my attention things won't be so rosy but for now he seems to think Chambers is a great addition.

With them being so different (so far, hehe) I am hoping that Moseley never feels as if Chambers is a replacement for him. We love them both so much and are so thankful for our baby boys!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Welcome to the world Chambers!!

John Chambers Garrison, II was born on Friday, December 12, at 7:22am.

He weighs 8 lbs, 8oz and is 21.5 inches long.

We are thrilled to have him here and healthy and will post pics of our precious baby boy soon!

Love, Jessica, Kevin, and Moseley

Getting cleaned up for viewing

He found his thumb!

Nonna, Moseley, Chambers and Pop


In 43 hours...

I will be a mom to two precious babies. Moseley, my just-turned-two-year-old and Sweet Pea (of undetermined gender) who will be born via repeat C-section Friday, December 12th at 7:15am. I am so ready. I am not uncomfortable or in pain. Aside from the pregnancy onset GERD I am very comfortable in this state.

But... I am ready to hold my baby. Holding Moseley is few and far between these days unless he is overwhelmed by a brand new crowd or it's the middle of the night and he is scared or not feeling well. Also, I am ready to find out the gender - and start life all over again with a new expanded family. I am anxious to see Kevin holding a teeny infant again just as he held Moseley 2 years ago. It is such a sweet sight to see the man you love, the man who takes care of you become jello holding a little baby. Ok so Moseley was almost 9 pounds, but he seemed small to us.

If you care to take a guess at the "dimensions" of this baby, feel free. Moseley was 21.5" and 8lbs 14oz when he was born a week early. This baby will end up about 10 days early. Oh and Kevin's guess was 8lbs even and 20.5" long.

I have a lot left to do and probably won't blog again until after the baby is born.Also, tomorrow, I am spending the day cuddling my firstborn and assuring him that one day he will be happy to have a sibling!

Check back on Friday for all the details.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cheer and Santa Fear

Ross Bridge had their annual Lighting of the Green last night and Moseley and I couldn't miss it. We got there right at 6p and it was already packed. We had some sweets and Hot Chocolate in the heated food tent then headed over to the stage to watch Deer Valley Elementary Choir and the Elftones perform. Moseley was in a trance as they sang and danced across the stage. After every act he clapped and said "Yay" very loudly followed by an "Again!" It was so cute. He loved it. Then we went inside to get our picture taken with Santa Claus. Daddy showed up at this point to see Moseley with Santa. All during our wait in line we talked about Santa and he seemed so excited. The second we sat him on his lap though he screamed bloody murder for us. It was so sad and yet so hilarious. Definitely a rite of passage. We had them take a pic anyway- b/c it was free and too funny.

Moseley screaming for Momma! Dada!

Our front door decorated for the holidays.

A little closer look at the Rosemary (which I love) Kevin picked out

Close-up of my favorite thing, my gorgeous wreath. My aunt Ellen made this for me. I saw the one she made my mom and I had to have one of my own.

Moseley's gorgeous stocking that Victoria handmade him when he was born. Over 400 hours of work went into this intricately large needlepoint stocking. It is truly amazing. We almost didn't put ours up (the polka dot ones in the mantle pic below) b/c they look so sad next to his!

Our mantle. Normally the poinsettia's go outside but when it's too cold we bring them in to adorn the fireplace.

Our tree.

Banister to the 2nd floor

Moseley's little tree that my grandmom bought at a craft sale. He adores this tree and asks for it to be turned on every morning when he wakes up.

Our Chandelier with ornaments hanging from it

Our antique bubble lights in a champagne bucket - Kevin's grand idea.

Buffet in the Dining Room

Closeup of my favorite decoration - my MEK nativity

And as a bonus...
Moseley bundled up for a cold school day


It's beginning to look a lot like... GAMEDAY!

Although I am an Auburn fan, today I will be rooting for ALABAMA!! They have a chance to go to the National Championship which is huge! I know Kevin, my devout UA fan hubby, would do the same for me (HA HA)!

Today the TV has been on football since we woke up. Typical gameday for us.


I finally got him to just stand still instead of saying cheese. Notice the jersey Moseley is wearing - his 2nd birthday gift from his godparents. An official replica of John Parker Wilson's jersey. Especially fitting since we now live in Hoover, where JPW grew up.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moseley's Two Year Check-up

Moseley had his 2 year check up on Monday. He was so great! He was patient for the doctor and got his finger pricked without complaint. He also stood very still on the scale and against the wall for height measurement. Crazy how much he has grown since he was a wriggly little baby. This is his last appointment until he is 3! He also had to have a shot to catch up on some immunizations we were behind on (long story).

Moseley's Stats:
Height - 37" (>95%)
Weight - 32# (>95%)


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wrappers Delight!

It's Christmas time at the Garrison household!

Most of us know there are only 3 jobs available to elves...
- making shoes for a cobbler
- baking cookies inside of trees
- working in Santa's workshop

In these times of economic hardship, Santa has had to cut back and lay off a couple of elves. Luckily, Keebler has been hiring so no one was out of a job for long. But, we parents have had to pick up some of the slack to help the big guy out. So, Aunt Ellen went ahead and sent up a few wrapped gifts this past weekend. Kevin and I also went ahead and had Santa deliver some of Moseley's presents early so we could get them wrapped before Sweet Pea arrives.We also have our tree up and decorated. Pictures are coming to illustrate soon!

It's kind of a holiday tradition in my family that we all stay together Christmas Eve night. Me, Kevin, Staples, Nancy, my momma, Ellen, Jimbo, and Bancroft. This all got started of course when we were tiny and Nancy and Kevin weren't in the picture yet. We also had my grandmom, Mary Buff, there and we stayed at our family's house at the head of Monterey Street. A couple of times in recent years it didn't work out but last year it did and it was wonderful! So, this year, it worked out again! Here are the VIPs in our lives that will be here for Christmas.
1) Kevin
2) Jessica
3) Moseley
4) Sweet Pea
5) Kim
6) Janice
7) Randy
8) John
9) Aunt Ellen
10) Uncle Jimbo
11) Bancroft
And for an abbreviated baby visit, Staples and Nancy. Sound stressful? No way! I am ecstatic! I will love the chaos and knowing that I have tons of people to love on both Kevin and Moseley will make the new baby transition that much better.


Let's pretend for a second...

It's Thanksgiving day today...


We had the best day on Thanksgiving. It was a fabulous, food filled day with family. My daddy and Victoria came up with a honey baked ham and delicious corn casserole. Kevin's brother drove down from North Carolina and Kevin's parents came down from Decatur with a Turkey from Whitt's BBQ, dressing, gravy, and potatoes.

We have a ton to be thankful for, the most important to me and Kevin is, of course, Moseley! He turned TWO years old on Thanksgiving day. He thought the festivities were all about him and we didn't try to change his mind.

I can't believe my baby is 2! He is turning out to be a sweet little boy who loves a crowd as much as quiet time with his momma. I just hope that he is always as happy as he seems now and that he loves his new sibling as much as Kevin and I love our brothers.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Road Trip!

Kevin and I went to Atlanta Friday, November 14th for a visit with Katie and Andy Tuck (and of course Sam and Lily). Saturday morning, Andy watched the children while Katie and I slowly walked around IKEA and other little shops and then had our nails done and ate lunch. It was so nice! Kevin was at a luncheon for Liz Gould Eager (who's wedding we went to that night). Saturday night we headed to the Cathedral of St. Philip for the wedding and to the Cherokee Town Club for the reception. The food was excellent and the company was wonderful! Luckily, the Tucks live in Buckhead which is within a mile of each of the places we had to go so we didn't get lost!

Sunday, I headed over to Augusta, Georgia with Moseley to visit "Stancy" (Staples and Nancy). Then Monday we ran over to Columbia, SC for Staples' induction into the South Carolina bar. I then drove back to Atlanta Monday night to pick Kevin up (he was able to work out of the Baker Donelson Atlanta office) and we drove the rest of the way home Monday night. We got home about 11pm Monday night and were so glad to be home. We are so glad we went though and had a blast at every stop.

Our "knocked up" prom picture before the wedding.

A serious picture.

Moseley having a blast with all the "new toys" at Sam's house

Sam and Moseley conducting some business in the pack-n-play

"...but I want to play!!!" Moseley resisting nap time.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's the deal with you people!!

The first time this happened I bit my tongue. I gave the poor guy the benefit of the doubt. But today, the same thing happened for the 3rd time and I have decided it's "their" little way of getting us back.

Here's what happens. I pull into the Publix parking lot and see a car full of old (I am talking 80+) ladies hanging out in the "Stork Parking" spot. It clearly says on the sign, "for expecting or new moms." Sorry honey, you don't count. You are not of ovulating age. Worse yet were the last two times they were old men who parked there, one who had the gall to cut me off for the spot.

I am so sad you are old and probably don't want to walk too far but I don't park in the handicap spots EVER because it doesn't apply to me! I have a very small window in my life where I need and get clearance for special parking - I SHOULD GET TO USE IT!

I now have braxton-hicks contractions anytime I even think of exerting myself - so a walk through a football size field parking lot is not high on my "to do" list. Unfortunately, not eating isn't an option either so I HAVE to go to the store.

GET OUT OF MY SPOT OR I WILL FUSS AT YOU GRANDMA STYLE ( I did at the 3 bewildered old ladies today. Satisfaction is mine!)


Friday, November 14, 2008

What has to happen...

...before I have this baby!

1) Travel to Atlanta to a friends wedding (and to see the Tuck's, yea!)

2) Travel to Columbia, SC to see my super-awesome brother, Staples, get inducted into the SC bar. (Btw, if anyone knows a cute place to eat lunch in Columbia, let me know)

3) Host a 2 year old's birthday party, at the Garrison abode. I can't believe my baby is almost TWO!

4) Host Thanksgiving supper (this will be my first time, and luckily I have lots of help!) and say many prayers of thanks for all that I am grateful for.

5) Order/buy all of our Christmas gifts.

6) Wrap all of our Christmas gifts.

7) Buy a Christmas tree and decorate it (I just know Kevin will help me!). Where is the best place in Birmingham to get trees? I want a pretty one that will last at least a month but don't want to spend too terribly much.

8) Decorate the rest of the house for Christmas. Did I mention that the Christmas spirit hits me big time after Halloween. I LOVE Christmas and everything that goes with it. Eggnog, hot chocolate, snowmen, wreaths and garlands, Christmas trees, twinkling lights, Christmas music, EVERYTHING!

Oh and all of this has to be done before December 11th b/c Sweet Pea will arrive in 4 weeks!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

This is the moment, this is the day...

...that Tabbi has her baby boy! She went in at 1am in labor and at 7:30a she was 8 1/2 cm dilated... So... if she hasn't had her baby by now, she soon will. Stay tuned!

p.s. the title of this post are lyrics from Jeckyll & Hyde, the Musical... I am sure you knew that though :)

UPDATE! Ian Malcolm Williams was born at 12:37p on Monday. He was 8 lbs, 2oz and 21 inches long. I couldn't update you blog readers at the time b/c I was visiting him!! I saw him at a mere 2 hours old - a record for any baby excet my nephew and my own baby boy. He is the cutest and sweetest little thing with long, long fingers and toes. Tabbi looked gorgeous - I couldn't believe he had just given birth!!


Friday, November 7, 2008

It is official!

I am on the books for a scheduled C-section for December 12 at 7:15 am. I am so excited, less than 5 weeks left!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fluuuu Shoooot

Being a family with one small child and one on the way, we are flu vaccine partakers. Being out sick isn't an excuse for Kevin - he'd have to work anyway and it's high on the miscarriage list for pregnant women. I digress.

We headed to the Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, and Berkowitz Health Fair (woo hoo) yesterday to get our Flu Shots. They offer free shots to employees and nearly free ones to family.

I had my shot. No problem. I used to give myself shots for allergies - I have a high tolerance for needle pain.

Kevin had his shot while I was freeing Moseley's thigh for the puncture. No problem.

Moseley had his shot. No problem... what the %&$!.

Yep, he just watched the lady stick him right in the thigh with that shot and absolutely no reaction. Then he looked up and said "truck" as a toy car came into view across the room. Again, I was floored. There were tons of co-workers around and I thought I was going to be in for it. Not a peep. Not a mention. Never asked why the heck some strange white-clad lady was shooting him up in a conference room. I thought for a split second that maybe something was wrong with him and we should go see a Dr. Then, I got over it and was thankful, b/c next time it won't be so great :)


Boo Y'all! Moo Y'all!

This year, Moseley was a cow (pronounced with a "t" = taow). He loved the costume including the headpiece. He screamed every time I tried to take if off of him. My little angel, um, I mean cow.