Saturday, July 17, 2010

That's ok b/c he has two!

I haven't wanted to talk about this because 1) it is fixable and 2) we didn't even have a name for this baby.

Now that we have a name... here's Roe's issue.

We found out at about 20 weeks that Roe has fetal hydronephrosis. And it's severe. Basically the baby has a non-functioning left kidney. I have been having weekly ultrasounds for awhile now and there doesn't seem to be any evidence of draining.

We have seen a maternal fetal specialist who said our only option is surgery. We will see a fetal urologist at Children's Hospital this week to discuss the surgery. The biggest thing is that they can't tell what is causing the blockage. It could be a kink in the ureter, a deformed kidney or multicystic disease. If it's the first two they can go in and fix it when he's about 2 weeks old. If it's the latter, which we don't think it is b/c we have no family history of kidney issues, they'll remove the kidney.

Of course, they can't do the testing to determine the cause until after the baby is born so more than likely they'll take the baby early so they can get a jump on fixing things.


What's going on with the new baby?

"New Baby" has a name now!!!

Charles Monroe Garrison or as I call him "Roe." They are both family names of ours.

Letters on a wall make it official!

32 week ultrasound pic.