Monday, January 24, 2011


Now that the Holidays are over I am hoping I can start blogging again. At least once or twice a week. Things are going well for us - we have a pretty good schedule going on right now.

Roe is 5 months old and is rolling around and grabbing things. And of course he chews on EVERYTHING. It's funny how I forget the little milestones from child to child. There is such a stark contrast between Moseley to Chambers and Chambers to Roe! Roe is also a very content baby. He only cries if he is starving or has a dirty diaper. Since he prefers to have a blowout ever 3 or so days you can imagine he doesn't cry often. I try to pay him special attention since he just sits in his carseat while toting the boys around.

Roe's surgery has healed very nicely. Hard to believe it has been two months since his surgery. At our checkup the Doctor thought he saw marked improvement in kidney drainage so we go back in a few months. Hopefully the drainage corresponds to function :)

Chambers is talking, talking, talking. I was thinking (HOPING) that since Moseley is such a talker, Chambers would be on the quiet and pensive side. No such luck.

Things he says:
-Momma, bubba's not being nice!
(bubba = Moseley. He also says momma and daddy aren't nice if we don't give him something he wants)
-Momma, bubba hit me/pushed me, etc.
-Momma, I love you sooo much!
- Yoohoo, Daddy. Daddy, yoohoo. (b/c he always wants his daddy :)
-Daddy no home. Daddy go work! (pouting b/c he hates when Kevin isn't home)

Moseley is a wealth of information. He also likes to speak in generalities. I think he is trying to figure out the "rules of the world." He says things like, "Momma, if someone gives some of their snack to their brother then that means they are a really good boy." He asks questions about everything and talks non-stop. Kevin and I actually call him the mouth of the south not to his face). We know he is about to fall asleep in the car b/c he starts talking really fast right before passing out.


Friday, January 7, 2011

It's been awhile..

So... life is super busy around here.

Moseley is now four, Chambers is two and Roe is four months. Things are starting to really fall into place. The holidays were hectic but so much fun. We LOVED watching Moseley and Chambers enjoy Christmas!

Height: 44" tall (off the charts)
Weight: 41# (25% for height)

Chambers Moseley@2 year
Height: 37" tall M - 37"
Weight: 28# (60%) M - 32#

Roe Chambers@4 months
Height: 26.5" tall (85%) C - 26.5"
Weight: 15# (50%) C - 15#, 10oz

*Moseley and Chambers Christmas morning waiting to see what Santa brought. Notice the Halloween socks on Moseley's feet :)