Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mrs Garrison goes to Washington

During Spring Break I took the boys to Washington, D.C. to visit my very dear friend Sarah. Sarah was my FIRST friend at Auburn. I can honestly say that meeting her was one of the those pinnacle moments in life when God sticks someone in your path and life is forever changed (in a good way, of course). I have seen Sarah about once a year but really haven't spent quality time with her since she got married 4 years ago!

So, I made the decision that enough was enough, we had to go see Sarah. Especially before baby #3 arrives. I booked our flights, then began to panic. How was I going to keep a 1 yr old and 3 yr old happy by myself in an Airport and on a flight?? Luckily, I picked nonstop flights and my children were angels. God was helping me out on the departure and return flight. And there were some very sweet girls who were inclined to entertain.

The first day we got there we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. My flight was into BWI so it was really close. Unfortunately they make yu check your strollers so Sarah had to carry Chambers around while I chased Moseley. Sarah's little boy had his first day at MDO that day so he wasn't with us. We quickly realized that was a blessing.

Moseley at the National Aquarium - "I found NEMO!"

Hunter LOVES to push this train around. Somehow, Moseley conned him into pushing him while he plays with a kitchen timer which we now proudly own :)

Thursday morning we went to the National Zoo in DC. It was so huge that we were there for 2 hours and saw maybe 4 exhibits. Jason had this day off so it was 3 adults and 3 children. We had a great time and although Moseley wanted to be carried at the end, he loved his animal lunchbox that came with his ZooMeal.

The meerkat and Moseley have the same expression on their faces!

Three monkeys checking out the very large turtles...

The orangutans had a rope perch that they could climb across right over the zoo visitors heads. It was very cool for children and adults alike :)

Moseley leading the way with Hunter in tow (he is totally dragging him along).

Moseley was obsessed with Hunter and holding his hand to "help guide him."

Sarah's hubby is the Assistant Pastor of Fairfax United Methodist Church and they live in the Parsonage next door to the church. The afternoons (after naps) were spent at the church's preschool playground which was massive and fenced. The boys had a great time and wore themselves out.

Hunter all smiles on the playground with Chambers in the background (probably eating something off the ground).

Moseley testing the limits. He is fearless.

After this he hung from the top bar and just let go about 5 feet off the ground. He thought it was so fun but it scared the pants off me!

One morning we went to the Air and Space Museum in DC. I realized after we got there that I had gone to the museum when I was younger - 7th grade maybe?

Washington Monument - view on the way in. The Cherry Blossoms were not in bloom yet :(

Family Picture - why am I the only one looking at the camera?

Chambers, Moseley and Hunter

Hunter flying solo

Chambers just hanging out in the stroller.

Moseley testing the plane out.

After the Air and Space Museum we went to Gravelly Point Park to eat lunch. It sits adjacent to Reagan National Airport and the departing planes take off over your head. It was awesome to see the planes close enough to notice the retracting wheels.

Plane taking off over the park

We also saw a car-boat that drove straight into the water from the street. Moseley could NOT believe his eyes. Anyone who has the LeapFrog Fridge Wash & Go knows that a "Car-Boat: It won't go!!"

Pooped after a long day. A big fat thank you to Amanda for lending us your car so we could fit all three kiddos in the back! And thanks to Sarah for finding us a carseat so we'd only have to check one :)

Chambers was a lap baby but was good 99% of the flight. I could usually keep him distracted with food.

Moseley was so good. He loves to fly - he couldn't get enough of watching the houses get smaller then bigger again.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Branch Family does McWane

About a month ago (I'm a tad behind), Anna, Jimmy and Sarah came to Birmingham to visit. We all decided to spend the day at the McWane Science Center. Jimmy and Moseley had a blast while Sarah and Chambers sat back and watched.

Moseley talks about Jimmy all the time and although we are sad they live so far away, we love seeing them when they visit!

Future Mechanics Unite!!

All children LOVE the opening ball maze.

The new Aquarium exhibit on the bottom floor.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three, three & under and under 30.

That's how someone referred to me the other day at Moseley and Chambers school. Followed by, "Can you even imagine!!???"

Yes. Yes, I can.

I haven't even thought about what it will be like to have 3 children, three years and younger. I imagine the under 30 part is to my advantage - more energy and such (although I am not feeling the energy bit right now).

Projects -
1) Finally finished Moseley's curtains!! I had 2 of the 4 panels done months ago but b/c they are fully lined with blackout lining they were quite an undertaking.

2) I made a family of Easter Eggs as part of our Easter decor. I have an unfinished egg for baby boy #3 :)

3) I want to finish making Moseley and Chambers' Desk Chair cushion out of extra sheeting I have.

The Boys -
1) Moseley tells people "My mommy has a baby in her tummy and all I have is breakfast in my tummy!" He is such a talker. He gets what you are talking about or will question you until it makes sense. He gets dressed/undressed by himself (this is a huge help to me!) He is just all grown up it makes me so sad and so proud at the same time. He gives out love very freely. Loves to hug and kiss - especially Chambers who isn't always receptive.

3) Chambers has started really communicating. He points to things he wants or places he wants to go. He also says "No, No, No" in this little funny voice when he doesn't want something (usually Milk, never, ever food). He also says "Uh-oh Spaghetti-oh" which is pretty funny. Oh and he says the sweetest "Thank you" when you give him something. He still signs "Milk", "More", and "All Done." He says "Ball (loves these), Book (pretends to read these aloud), Hello! (more like hay-yo), Pee-Pie!, Baby, and tries to mimic most words you say.

4) Moseley and Chambers eat us out of house and home. And they will eat anything. Some of the stranger things child-wise: salad (with onions, carrots, radishes and tomatoes), canned beets, etc. Plus all the normal stuff like sandwiches and burgers, etc.