Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Happenings

Chambers eating breakfast on our new patio furniture.

Moseley did not feel well for about 4 days! He would literally lay around like this all day. He wouldn't eat either. It was pretty sad for me to watch :(

I love when road trips go this smoothly... Notice the babydoll in Chambers lap. That is actually Moseley's beloved "Pony Watkins." Chambers has an identical one (different colored clothes) but it must have been left behind and Moseley was kind enough to share.

How we know when dinner is "all done." Food starts getting put in places other than the mouth... I like to call this masterpiece, "Chicken in the Ear."


Best Friends

Moseley LOVES Chambers. He is very helpful when it comes to Chambers. He will help feed him, dress him, bathe him, and even clean him up and get him down from the high chair (yes, I walked in as he was picking him up out of the high chair and dropping him on the floor.) He also loves to give him toys when he isn't feeling well or is sad. He will sing a silly song if he is crying. Chambers will one day understand that Moseley is his number one advocate.

Chambers loves Moseley right back and NO ONE can make him laugh like Moseley. Just with a silly motion or look.

Moseley rubbing Chambers hair. They play this game where they roar at each other (complete with hand motions) then Chambers comes over and puts his head in Moseley's lap reaffirming they are besties!


Wrestle Mania!

Believe it or not my sweet little Chambers is one tough cookie. He is not afraid to defend himself against anyone if he thinks he is in "danger" (i.e., his food or toy will be stolen). He also loves to lay all over Moseley.

Anytime Moseley even thinks about sitting on the floor or laying on the floor, he is, literally, "all over him"!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Garden

Kevin brought me a Hydrangea friday for Mother's day. Then on Sunday he planted me an entire garden! I tried to help fill in the holes and make soil mixes but didn't do as much as Kevin did!

1 Shumardi oak, 2 Hostas, 2 Purple Loropetalum, 2 Tomatoes, 1 Chive, and 1 Bell Pepper. We didn't have time to put the Geraniums in before it got dark. Also, we are adding a birdbath behind the Hostas as soon as we find one we like.


The Big Easy

We went to New Orleans on a "babymoon" in late March. We flew down Friday morning and back Sunday afternoon. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton on Canal which was right in the heart of everything we wanted to see/eat :) The weekend was a blast and centered around eating (I AM pregnant).

Friday for lunch we went to Bon Ton on Magazine St. It was fantastic!

Friday night we went to Cafe Marigny on Frenchman for appetizers and drinks (I had a Shirley Temple).

Then to Adolfo's for dinner. Adolfo's is an italian restaurant on Frenchman and is outstanding!! It is on the 2nd floor of this building.

Close-up of their sign...

Saturday morning we hit up Cafe du Monde for Beignets (delish!). We got a table immediately which is just crazy because it was packed!

On our way back, we strolled around the french quarter. Super windy and pretty chilly day in Jackson Square.

Saturday for lunch we went to Napolean House which has always been a favorite of mine. This is an old photo but not much has changed!! (photo courtesy of their website)

We celebrated Kevin's birthday while we were there and he got this super cute Linen Bucket Hat from Brooks Brothers. You can see him "modeling" it on the picture above from Jackson Square.
Saturday for dinner we had reservations at Galatoire's. My parents go there frequently but I had never been. They had a salad that I dream about and the creamed spinach was also very very good. Kevin got some fish that was super boney which made him really work for his meal. That added with our brand-spanking-new-waiter who brought our ticket and change (like loose money) out without a cover was pretty annoying but we were definitely able to laugh about it. What really tickled us is that we have dozens of restaurants in Birmingham that are better, Highlands, Ocean, Hot-n-Hot, Bottega, etc so we will be hitting up those very soon :)

Sunday was eventful. We went to Trinity Episcopal Church in the Garden District. It was Palm Sunday which is a big holiday for us. The beginning was a great service, outdoor, with a bunch of prayer and singing followed by a processional into the church. We aren't sure how the rest of the service went b/c that's when I passed out!! I didn't feel very well afterward so we headed to the ER to make sure the baby was ok (everything was fine!). Turns out I have pregnancy-induced Syncope, which is basically just "passing out." Thanks goodness it hasn't happened since, it was pretty frightening.

As Kevin said... "It just isn't a pregnancy without a trip to the ER!"

Our flight was later that afternoon and I still wasn't feeling all that great so we took it easy the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't wait to get home to see my babies!!


Sun and Rain

What the Garrison boys do on a sunny day...

Mix the sand and water so that it makes a "mud table"...

...and splash around nude in the baby pool!!

No modesty here!

What the Garrison boys do on a rainy day...

Play with the water from the downspout...

...and stick balls up the downspout and watch them come out.

As you can see most of our days involve water and/or sand. We also frequent our park and pool. All in all, the Garrison boys are a wet messy duo but they know how to have fun!! I am sure it will take no time for them to inaugurate the baby into their chaos :)