Monday, June 22, 2009

Not so Little Weekend

Kevin, Moseley, Chambers and I drove up to Knoxville this past weekend. Kevin's Moms sister (Aunt Gerry) lives there with her family (The Littles) , their family (The Evans) and their family (confused yet?) We had a very fun weekend of hanging out at home and going to the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge ,where the Manhattan Project was based. 

Moseley and Aunt Gerry (Janice's sister). He insisted she take him to the potty every time, it was so funny!

Vicki (Janice's Niece), Chris (Vicki's Son), Monica (Chris Wife) and baby Cade (Chris and Monica's baby), John (Kevin's brother) and a pantless Moseley (this was a recurring theme)

Vicki holding 6-month old Chambers and Chris and Monica holding 5-week old Cade

Kevin, Moseley and Nonna at Dinner

From Left: Moseley, Janice, Randy, Uncle Dewey, Aunt Gerry, Bill, Vicki, Cade (in carseat) Monica, Chris, Tyler, Courtney, John, me and Chambers (in carseat). Got that?

At El Sazon Mexican Restaurant

Chambers just hanging out

Moseley has found the train exhibit at the Children's Museum

All Aboard!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chambers Six Month Check-up

Height - 28 inches
Weight - 17 pounds, 2 ounces


Abernathy Photographics

The talented Becky Abernathy took our family photos a few weeks back and they are amazing. We got them in the mail and I just wanted you to see some of our favorites. She shot them on location at Morris Avenue in downtown Birmingham. She was super professional (see pics) but more than that she LOVES children. She was singing Moseley's favorite song in the middle of the street just to keep his attention. It's a tough job to keep a 2 year old entertained but she pulled it off. If you are anywhere near Birmingham (or not, she travels) and you need a photgrapher, call her and let her know The Garrisons sent you :)

Her blog and her website.


Monday, June 15, 2009

The Beach - take two

We headed back to the beach for about a week. This time we went to Dauphin Island where my Aunt Ellen and "Unc" have a house on the west end.  

We had a ton of fun and celebrated my mom's "40th" birthday while we were there. Moseley went out Crabbing with "Unc" and Bancroft and everyone went shark fishing near Sand Island.  They keep their boat on the east end at their parents cove house so we also went on a Booze Cruise around the bay and stopped at a few friends houses to chat. 

A dried out minnow we found on the deck (a bird dropped it?) and made into an hors d'oeuvres :) We served it to Unc but he didn't fall for it.

Half eaten fish by a shark. 

Sand Island Lighthouse


Moseley crabbing

Crabs scattering after going crabbing
Moseley helping drive the boat

Moseley with Unc driving the boat

Chambers looked hilarious in his life jacket and didn't mind being squished up in it at all.

Chambers and Me.

Moseley, Unc and Bancroft. The boys playing in the water. It took Moseley all of two seconds before he was splashing around like a pro.

Moseley, Unc and Bancroft

Bancroft, Moseley and Unc

In the surf with Unc and Bancroft

Waving to us on the deck of the house.


Friday, June 5, 2009

"We're best buds!"

"I ain't braggin' or nothin', but I was in charge of huntin' him down if he tried to escape."

Yesterday, we had planned to go to a water playdate at a friends house but got rained out. Moseley was really excited and had been such a good boy at my doctor's appointment that I let him watch a movie. He wanted to watch Cars, of course, but insisted on watching with Chambers. 

It is funny to me that they are both our boys since they look so different. Moseley has such dark skin and light hair and Chambers is so pale with dark hair :) 

I love you, Chambers

This is my favorite part!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Garden of Eden

Wednesday, May 20th - We (Me, Moseley and Chambers) drove down to the beach during naptime. We had the pleasure of staying at Eden in Perdido Key, FL for nearly two weeks! The condo was on the 2nd floor (and they are all gulfside and on the beach) so we had a gorgeous close-up view. It is condo E-202 if you are looking for an awesome place to stay. It is such a gorgeous resort! I has an indoor pool and indoor jacuzzi as well as an outdoor pool with waterfall and outdoor jacuzzi. It also has a pretty large outdoor baby pool (very important!). It has a diner and spa as well which come in handy! 

My momma and Kevin joined us Friday, the 22 until early Tuesday the 25th when they both had to return to work. Aunt Nancy Pants came Monday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. We had quite a few days to ourselves which was a little hectic/difficult but we had fun nonetheless. 

Moseley loves the water and beach and could occupy himself for hours in the baby pool with just a cup. We did play in the big pool a few times but that meant I had to have someone with me who could keep watch over Chambers. Speaking of Chambers, he basically sat in his stroller playing with toys anytime we were at the pool. He was such a good sport and never cried about it. I guess he doesn't know what he is missing but I still felt bad about it. 

The drive down, Moseley sacked out!  Can you see the pile of gear in the back? We stopped by our place in Josephine, AL (Perdido Bay) and got some fun toys, ice chests and other things so the car was crammed by the time we got home.

We woke up and headed straight to the pool.

My sweet baby just chillin' poolside

All I need is this lil' ol' cup

I love the water

My anniversary gift from my momma, this super cute chaise cover! It turns into a beach bag to tote all our towels :)

How I spent many of my mornings...

Can you see Moseley in the corner with his pants halfway down? He got out and said he had to tee-tee. He attempted to tee-tee in the bushes but I stopped him and took him to the potty :)

Moseley is getting so big. Chambers just looks angry :)

My Momma reading on the beach

Moseley and Kevin doing what they did best... hunting for periwinkles. They both had the best time unearthing them and watching them burrow back into the sand.

My little doll still sleeping during our excursions.

My sweet hubby and Moseley checking out the sights. There was always something to see from our balcony.