Thursday, July 5, 2012

One week to go!

In one week from right now I will be at the hospital preparing to have our fourth (and final!) baby. I thought I would be sad to see the "last" pregnancy come to a close but I can honestly say I am not. This has been the longest and hottest pregnancy of all of them. I know God had a plan when he "surprised" us with this sweet baby sister but I think His bigger plan was to make me SURE I never wanted to be pregnant again. The peace that comes with knowing you are done ;)

Moseley and Chambers are eager to meet Lilly Marie. They both have clear and definite ideas of what their roles will be. They also both call her different nicknames. Moseley says, "'sister' is his and I can have Roe." Gee thanks, someone must have told him that Roe will have to potty train at some point ;) Chambers was mad we had the bassinet set up in our room. He was under the impression that "baby girl" was going to sleep with him.

Roe has no idea what is going on. I actually feel terrible for him. He is still such a baby. I just pray that we give him the love/attention a 21 month old deserves after Lilly Marie is born.

I am also a tad nervous about the surgery part. I never have been really but since this is my fourth c-section I am really hoping to heal as well as the other times. I had also hoped that IF, down the road, we had decided to have a fourth, I would have had a little more time to heal. Best laid plans and all...

We are so excited to welcome this little life changer into our world of boys. Which, by the way, doesn't just include us. The boy thing is a family wide phenom. Kevin has a brother (no sisters), I have a brother (no sisters). My Aunt only has a son and we have only godsons! Our lives are boy to the max and we love it. This little girl will certainly change our lives.

As much as I am ready to have this girl right now I am thankful for the next 6 days of prep.

And as Kevin says, enjoy it now because once she is born, "she is all mine!"

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