Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! (weekend)

This weekend we don't have much going on. Saturday morning we went to Pepper Place to get some veggies. Last night was KRG and my TEN YEAR anniversary of dating! Whoa! We took the children out to a romantic Mexican meal :) Next weekend is our wedding anniversary so we will do something nice... Alone. Not sure what the rest of the weekend entails but I am enjoying the family time!

Roe is getting into things he ought not...

I had fun with my pancake pen Saturday at breakfast...

And my sweet little Chambers isn't feeling well.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday and the livin's easy...

My afternoon cocktail (need a refill)...

My lovely company (Moseley is still asleep)...

And the gorgeous view of this beautiful day...

Now all I need is my shooby (KRG) and life will be perfect!!

p.s. Good news helps also. My brother passed the bar in a third state! AL, SC, and now GA!! Yay for Staples!

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Potty Training Recap

We started potty training last Sunday, May 15. We had half heartedly tried once before but the boys were still in school and life got in the way. This time, Kevin wad the catalyst. He put Chambers on the potty to tee-tee and C was successful! This was the "connection" we were missing the first time. Monday morning we took away the diapers and put him in underwear. He went potty successfully about 5 times before naptime. Twice in the Dr office and once at Publix. I couldn't believe how well it was going so at lunchtime so I didn't make him go potty before he ate his sandwich. He was whining about it and so I gave in. Well sure enough after lunch his pants were damp. Not wet but damp. We had a nice talk about how uncomfortable that was and he finished going in the potty. It was evident he started going then stopped. The next 3 days were pretty awesome. He had one accident at school. As they said, "they didn't tell us he needed to go." No kidding? The first few days we gave him a vanilla wafer or small ginger bread cookie for going tee-tee. Even if he was forcing it out. I figured it was working those muscles of control. On the 4th full day we left for Chattanooga. He ha only ha those 3 accidents the whole time so we only brought undies for him. We spent the entire day out on the town and he did perfectly! We also stopped doing treats. He just stopped asking for them and I stopped offering. Somewhere in that madness he just mastered #2. We never had THAT kind of accident.Life with only one in diapers is AMAZING!

After seeing my boys in diapers, I just LOVE how cute they are in undies!

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We heart McWane!!

Believe it or not, this is where I take the boys when I need a break. Somewhere we can go where the house isn't being dismantled :) It helps that they LOVE it and burn a ton of energy here. We try to go at 9a and I usually pack lunch so that once we are home, it is straight to naptime :)

Chambers playing at the water table.

Roe in the Just Mice Size area.

Moseley playing at the water table.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easter/Roe's Baptism

Easter weekend we baptized Roe at St. Paul's Episcopal, my home church, in Mobile, AL. This is the very same weekend we baptized Moseley and Chambers, just 2 and 4 years before respectively. We also go to the beach every Easter which is a wonderful way to recharge!


Open Tomb Sunday

Our wonderful church, St. Stephens Episcopal, hosted Open Tomb Sunday this past weekend (May 22, 2011). It was such a wonderful event. There was only one service, at 10am, OUTSIDE followed by our Easter Egg Hunts and then a potluck lunch. There is NOTHING quite like a church potluck! I have never seen so much good food in one place. We brought brownies which were good but lost among the other fine desserts. It was such a good experience especially since our church, located in Cahaba Heights was recently ravaged by a tornado.

Roe enjoying crawling around outside DURING the service. He kept trying to take these HS boys water. They thought it was funny (or pretended to).

The churchgoers during the service.

Chambers playing among the trees during the service.

Moseley having so much fun playing while we listen to the Sermon.

Moseley trying to disrobe Kevin during the service.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here I am and Chatty Town...

I am going to blog once a week. At least. Amen.

Ok so the boys and I went with Kevin to a conference in Chattanooga, TN this past Thursday-Saturday. Kevin was going to be booked solid during the day and night but I still wanted to go so the boys and I could play around the town.

Thursday night we got in around 8p and had dinner and headed to bed. All five of us in one small-ish room. The Chattanoogan is great but we really LOVE our 4 bedroom house :)

Roe napping in one of the hotel beds while the boys played (somewhat) quietly around him.

Friday Kevin headed off to his day of workshops and the boys and I hit the pavement. We (I) decided we should just walk everywhere since it would truly be easier for me than driving.

Momma, it looks like a couch!

It was a little over a mile to our first destination. The Tennessee Aquarium. Getting there right at opening time, we spent 3 hours there at which point Roe fell asleep and took his morning nap.

Roe napping so sweetly at the Aquarium.

Giant 4 ft crab scared the heck out of the boys.

There is just something about touching wet and slimy things that fascinates boys.

The butterfly room and my sweet Roe.

I then strolled us over to Rio Picante restaurant where I realized Chambers had fallen asleep. Roe was now awake but quiet and content. Moseley and I had a wonderful lunch together talking and joking around.

My Chambers napping.

I had promised the boys ice cream if they were good so after lunch we hit up Ben and Jerry's. Chambers woke up and after he ate some of his quesadilla he and Moseley had some sorbet.

Ben. And. Jerry's.

Next up: The Children's Discovery Museum. This place was awesome. If you are in Birmingham, I liken it to theMcWane Center. Very impressive exhibits, a lot of funding is pouring into this place. Roe took his afternoon nap while here. I was so impressed with my childrens ability to adapt. Makes me think of other places we could go... Disney?

The water exhibit at the Childrens Museum. Awesome.

I purchased the combo pack of tickets and after it was all said and done our tickets totaled $65. Not bad for an entire day of fun for 4!

We headed back to the hotel around 5-ish. It was a long day but SO worth it. the boys had so much fun.

The next day after Kevin's half day we went to Warehouse Row. Here we ate Lunch at Public House (delish!), did a little shopping at Kayce Hughes (Pears + Bears!!) and drooled over the findings at Revival: Uncommon Goods. Afterwards we decided to head home so we wouldn't get in too late. We had so much fun and I cannot wait to go back. This was our 3rd trip to Chattanooga but I can never get enough!