Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Months!

How is it possible that my baby, my youngest is closing in on a year! I am baffled at where the time goes. I blinked and he was crawling. Here he is at 10 months. It is getting harder to wrangle him in these pics which is why they are kind of lopsided :)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Associate Golf Par-Tee

Kevin and I hosted a party apr├Ęs-golf outing last night. I love throwing parties and DO NOT get to do so as often as I would like. (Wonder why that is?) So, when KRG asked of we could host this party, I said, "Absolutely!" It was golf themed and so fun to do. I am terrible about taking pics right before the party but took these much earlier in the day. Hopefully you get the gist.

The "Watering Hole" KRG bought all kinds of strange beer and sundrop. And we served Arnold Palmers as well but the container was in the fridge when this was taken.

Table centerpieces.

Food table. We served BBQ "club" wiches, "Chip shots" (chips and dip) and "Sand trap" salad (a potato salad and pasta salad). We also had doughnut hole in ones- which were white-chocolate covered doughnut holes on sticks. They were stuck down in the grass of the yellow bucket. The sign said "19th hole."

Closeup of the dessert- shine golf balls on tees stuck in the green shredded paper. Wish I had taken a picture!

Party favors. Apple-o's and golf tees that said "Par-tee like a Garrison"

It was a fun party and great to be able to hang out with the Summer Associates and Kevin's co-workers alike.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Wyatt

Kevin and I are godparents to an amazing little boy, Wyatt Freeman Guitar. His parents are our best friends Caroline and Steven. Also fondly known as Aunt CiCi and Uncle Stevie. This past weekend was his baptism at St. Luke's Episcopal in Atlanta.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


We bought a LivingSocial deal for the Galleria's carousel a few weeks ago. When my friend Micah asked if we wanted to go today for lunch I figured I could use my deal and enjoy great company! Micah's little boy, Christian and Chambers are BFF's so they had a great time as usual. Moseley is pretty equal opportunity so had a good time talking to the younger boys and checking on Addison (Christians baby sister). We were at the park before the carousel so the A/C'd mall was a nice change!




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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us!

Saturday, May 4th was our 6 year anniversary of being Mr and Mrs. Kevin R. Garrison! Memorial day was our TEN year anniversary of being together. Wow, time flies! It truly in some respects feel like we just got married.

We celebrated the entire weekend. Thankfully, Kevins parents (they are saints!) came in for the weekend to watch the children.

Friday night we went to the Associates Party hosted by Jennifer Johnson and her hubby in Greystone. They have a gorgeous house and so sweetly opened it up for us. Afterwards, we went to the 9;50p showing of Hangover II. It was about how I expected it to be and because we wanted to just enjoy a thoughtless movie, it was great.

Saturday morning we went to Pepper Place to meet up with Jessie Tuggle and her children. Jackson is Chambers age and Johanna is 4 months old. We only took Roe since we were taking full advantage of the babysitters.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Magic City Brewfest. It was fun. I don't drink Beer but it was fun for me to go up and ask for something then hand it over to KRG. We also got to see Kevin's brother John for a little bit and his roomie Steven.

Saturday night we had reservations at Hot-n-Hot. It was wonderful. I had a strawberry Mojito, Salmon with a summer salad (divine), and then a salted caramel cake. Kevin had the sirloin on a potato cake with rapini and gelato for dessert.

But wait, there's more. We went to a surprise party for one of Kevin's friends from law school. It was fun and she was so surprised. After all of that we were pooped. We got home (after a quick stop by Sonic) around 11p and crashed. We didn't get up until after 8am this morning! It was a wonderful Anniversary.

Oh and presents, I gave Kevin a Brooks Brothers leather belt (reverses black to brown) with a custom belt buckle. He also got a hankerchief from Lyonstate.

Only picture we took the whole weekend going through the Sonic drive-thru. Our camera is broken so I blame that!