Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When Mom's away, Daddy will play!

Momma and I went on a Mother/Daughter retreat in April so naturally, Kevin retreated to his parents house in Decatur for the weekend. Here are some pictures from their revelries.

Moseley chewing on John's Scooby-doo figure.

Hammin' it up for the camera

In the wagon that Nana had for the grandchildren.


End of March...

For Kevin's Birthday (March 29) we went to Decatur fr the weekend. These are some pictures his parents took of us in the yard. I thought they were pretty cute.


Swimmer's (R)ear

Katie and I took the boys to swimming lessons at the Y. They went for 30 minutes each afternoon for two weeks. They mainly taught the boys to kick, lay on their backs, and "scoop" the water. The boys had fun for the first few minutes and then wanted to just play on the steps or with the pool toys they had out. Ever since those lessons, Moseley has pretended to "swim" while taking his Tubb-bah (as he calls a bath).


Gosh, I just couldn't get anyone to go in...

Many times my momma and I will have the same wedding/baby shower to attend, friends birthday to celebrate, etc. So, depending on who is closer to technology (yay for web shopping) or a certain store, that person gets to buy the present and be in charge of sending it.

So, there's a joke that my momma and I have where I will ask her to send something from the jewelry store to the bride and groom on my behalf while she is already there and she will pretend to only include her calling card - citing that "no one else wanted to chip in for the gift."

Yesterday, I got a gorgeous arrangement of flowers from my sweet momma. The card read "I couldn't get anyone else to go in with me... Love, Momma" I was laughing so hard I cried. Then I cried b/c I love them. We are living in chaos for the next 29 days and that bouquet brought some order to the situation! Here's a picture of the happy arrangement.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Suggestions Needed!

We are looking into building a custom bookcase in our den at our new house. It wouldn't be quite as large as this one but pretty close. Anyone have any suggestions on who to call?


Strappin' Heat

So, I am about 20 weeks now and adding to my list of "grandma-like qualities" (I do love Murder, She Wrote). I have back pain. So, I have been told to get a maternity belt (see pic below). I ignored this advice from my PT this first go-round and paid for it the last month of pregnancy. This time, it has started early and I have the added bonus of carting Moseley around so I decided to cave.

So, If I look weird in my clothes, due to the large elastic belt strapped around my waist, just don't comment. I still look cute on the outside, just with some mechanical adjustments underneath :)



On July 27th, 2007 I started this blog to reduce the number of "Moseley" emails that clogged up in-boxes (there were a lot). I also wanted to share my feelings about raising my little Moseley with the world! Who knew a year later I would have to include another Garrison :) Happy One Year Anniversary, it has been such a wonderful year!!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Big shoes to fill

Moseley love shoes. When we visit people he usually runs a sneak attack into their closet and comes back with their shoes. When Kevin gets dressed for work he pulls dress shoes out of the closet and wears them around. During the day he will wear Kevin's tennis shoes or sandals around. It is very awkward for him to walk around in these giant shoes but he doesn't care - he loves it!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

School days, school days...

... dear old Golden Rule days.

Our little Moseley is quite a character. He is the most outgoing, people-loving little guy I have ever met (aside from my brother, Staples). He will talk to absolutely ANYONE. When we go to the grocery store, he yells across the produce aisles to all the shoppers, "Hey, hey, hey!" Last week he offered a fellow shopper some of our 'nomes' which is Moseley code for 'Banana.' They weren't actually Banana's - they were squash. It's funny to watch people's reaction to his friendliness.

The point: Moseley goes to 'school' a few days a week for a couple hours. When I drop him off he runs in and barely says 'bye.' When I go to pick him up he just keeps on playing. I am glad that he doesn't hate school or cry when I leave him there.

Anxiously waiting to go to school



Sunday, July 20, 2008

The thing about roaches

So I go into the kitchen tonight (I know I should be thankful I have a roof over my head but I hate this place) and there is this monster roach. So I scream and yell at Kevin to come in there and kill it. This is how the conversation went once he came in...

K - Where's a shoe?
J - What shoe?
K - [grabbing a few paper towels] I'll just squish it...
J - Sick, Kevin! I think you're my hero but I'm going to throw up!!
K - [*squishing with bare hands and only a few paper towels*]
J - Kevin, what do you call it when you want to vomit on your hero?
K - Marriage, I think...

So there you have it. Marriage is when you want to vomit on your hero ;)


Diaper Bag Dilemma, finale

I think I may have solved my problem. See, I really really didn't want anything that looked like a diaper bag. Who am I kidding? I will have 2 children to tote around - kind of hard not to notice that! What I don't want people to notice is that my children are annoying/upset/crying. So, my solution is get a diaper bag big enough to carry toys and snacks for Moseley, a pumped bottle for Sweet Pea, and diapers and wipes for both. That way hopefully people will be more surprised by how sweet my angels are than what a huge diaper bag I have. Of course, I will still have my small Kate Spade for when it's just me and Sweet Pea.

Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe Diaper Bag - built for two!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Introducing Hannah Kate!

Our cousin Katy and her hubby had a little girl yesterday, Hannah Kate Aderholt. Click here for pics and stats.

Congrats you two! You'll have a blast...


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need some help...

As you know, we are expecting baby#2. I LOVE my little Kate Spade diaper bag. I have loved it for 20 months now and it is just small enough not to get too burdened by a large diaper bag. Now, however, I need a larger diaper bag. I will need 2 sizes of diapers, more wipes... basically,more stuff.

So, if you are a savvy shopper and/or have 2 children please give me some advice/suggestions on a diaper bag ;) This sounds like a silly request but I haven't been able to find one I love. Thanks!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Take back your BPA baby bottles!!

Some Babies R Us stores are allowing the return of your used Avent, Playtex, and Dr Brown's bottles and issuing store credit or exchange for BPA-free bottles. Call your store for their policy. I heard a rumor that some stores exchange sippy cups as well...

**The Babies R Us on Lakeshore Dr in Birmingham IS participating in this. Their policy is bottle for bottle. For instance, they will give you an 8oz Dr. Browns Polypropylene bottle in exchange for a 8oz Dr Brown's BPA bottle. This is the same for 4oz/2oz sized bottles. You can also exchange for different brands but you will pay the price difference if there is one.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

We close on our house in Ross Bridge August 29th at 9 am!! I am so excited I could scream. I am ready to close this chapter and start a new one in our new home.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We went to the beach with the Engwall's for the fourth. I love Perdido. Lillian, AL and Josephine, AL are my two favorite towns in the whole world!!

We ate too well (I jumped on the scale when I got home to make sure I hadn't gained any weight!). Lots of fresh seafood and delicious tomatoes and corn.

Moseley was a fish. He loved the water and just kept running into the bay. We would get him dry and dressed and he would take off into the water. I am so glad he likes the water as much as I do!

The best part was the company. Lee and Lee were there as were Caroline and Steven. Harriet joined us on Friday afternoon too. Lee-lee, Harriet and Caroline are going to make the best momma's one day. Moseley was spoiled and had so much fun with them. Kevin and I got a nice break too! Of course, Wyatt and Georgia are always a blast to hang out with.

Hopefully I will have some pictures soon!!