Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beach Trip, Take Three

We went to Perdido for our annual Fourth of July celebration with the Engwalls. We ate like kings and had a blast. The fireworks were awesome and the boys did a great job picking them out! 

While Wyatt (Bean), Steven (TiVo) and Kevin picked out fireworks the owner took Moseley around with a big sack and picked out a ton of fireworks for him to take home for free. He got cars, tanks, sparklers, and pops among other things.  That boy sure can procure free stuff!

We ate Friday at Pirate's Cove which was fun. I have been going there since I was an infant and although Mr Paul isn't with is anymore, many of the people are. It is so fun to see how it has changed (and hasn't). We went on a boat ride every day and I didn't get a picture of chambers but he was so cute squished in his life jacket. 

I was completely spoiled since I barely had to take care of Moseley or Chambers. Everyone else played with and held both of them which left me tons of time for naps. 

Moseley and Murphy overseeing the firework lighting

A cool car firework lit under the house right before it rammed into the side of the house and got stuck there.

Moseley, GG, and Bean

Our firework hosts, Kevin and Steven (aka Uncle TiVo)

CiCi and Moseley

Moseley and Murphy

Rescuing the Lee's umbrella from the channel


Maybe I will keep it and use it as a parasol?

I'm on a boat y'all!

I love boats!

Gerber baby?

Alfred Hitchcock profile

Chambers being held

Chambers watching everyone swim from the shade

Kevin, Moseley and Chambers swimming in the bay

CiCi and Chambers

Moseley hanging out on the stairs