Saturday, February 20, 2010

LENT and Publix Weekly Totals

#1 - Facebook) I gave up facebook for Lent for the second year in a row. This is huge for me as I have an iPhone and am always on f/b!! It is so good for my children since I will have more time for them now :)

#2 - Publix Weekly Total) Since I can't update my status on f/b I will do it here. I spent 89.71 (pre-tax) but saved 90.16.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

While the boys and I were partying in Mobile for Mardi Gras, Birmingham got 3 inches of perfectly beautiful and usefully fun snow.

I am jealous. I am jealous on behalf of my 3 year old who would have loved donning his rain boot, ski bib and taking his new red sled out in the snow. But alas, the sled remains a virgin and my child still asks if it will snow today :(

Kevin took some wonderful pictures around our house of all the snow.

Our house dusted in snow...

A view towards the park from our house.

The Ross Bridge Golf Course


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Walkin' Yes Indeed...

Chambers started walking right after Christmas. He would take 4-5 steps at a time then take a break until the next day. After about 3 weeks he really got the hang of it and of course, now walks (ahem, runs) everywhere.

You'll have to turn your head sideways b/c I don't know how to turn a video without really spending some time on it...

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Moseley, Chambers and I headed to Mobile last Thursday for Mardi Gras. We had a ton planned including parade watching, family bonding, lots of eating and babysitter-taking-over-ing (not. a. word. but. should. be.)

Friday the boys, my momma and Nancy and I took care of business and got some baby/wedding presents out of the way. I don't care how long I have lived in Birmingham (7 years!) I just can't get used to buying gifts anywhere but Claude Moore. I equally enjoy opening the shiny white box with gold lettering (in case you were wondering).

It also started snowing hard in Mobile Friday. Nothing stuck b/c it was so wet from the previous 48 hours of rain but it was still beautiful as it fell.

Friday: Everything was so wet this was all the snow sticking to be had.

Saturday, My momma and I headed to the Castles and Crowns store in Mobile and got a ton of stuff on sale. Everything I purchased was 30%-75% off! Woo hoo!

Saturday: Enjoying a pretty day outside. I was so happy with the Mardi Gras shirts we had made.

Chambers C&C loot.

Moseley's C&C loot.

Carol came to babysit the boys about 4p on Saturday so my momma and I could head downtown to the Coronation. We met Nancy, her parents, grandparents and brother there and sat to watch the ladies being presented to the court. It is hard to believe it has been 7 years since I made my debut and 6 since Nancy made hers. After the Coronation my momma and I attended the King's Supper. The dinner was a fabulous salad, delicious steak and wonderful Tiramisu.

2010 Debutante Coterie (iPhone picture so it isn't clear)

Sunday the boys and I had fun visiting with family. We headed to my grandmom's first then to my daddy's. We had so much fun playing and the day was so gorgeous. We were able to spend a good 2 hours outside.

The valentine's flowers Kevin had sent to Mobile even though we really don't celebrate the day... it was so sweet and we missed him terribly.

On Monday, Carol came back and watched the boys so we could go to the Queen's Luncheon. It was also delicious and beautifully decorated. We came home, took a quick rest and got the boys ready to head back downtown for the IMs parade. It was a great parade and they threw lots of great stuff including Alabama Championship huggers! I caught one for Kevin as a coming home gift :) Mint moonpies are a big deal this year and they are fantastic! They are like gigantic Thin Mints.

Moseley and Nancy enjoying the parade in the Athelstan Stands

"Throw me something mister!!"

My favorite brother...

Moseley with his Uncle Staples and Aunt Nancy

Getting some Aunt Nancy lovin'

Moseley pooped after the IMs Parade.

Tuesday we woke up and lazily got ready to head back to Birmingham. I am always so sad to leave but so ready to get settled in at home. I am already looking forward to Carnival Season 2011!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Moseley and Chamber's Big Boy Room

Oh and by the way, we are expecting a baby. Moseley and Chambers will be big brothers in late August. We are very excited but recently I am nervous about mothering 3 children... especially with Kevin's busy schedule. Thank goodness for pre-school! Hopeully, Moseley will be going 4-5 days next year.

My momma (with Kevin's handyman help) re-did Moseley's room in anticipation of Chambers bunking with him sometime this summer. Not sure if an 18 month old can sleep in a twin bed though so he may be in a pack-n-play for a little while.

Chambers Bed

Moseley's bed

The room from the door minus the curtains that should go on the window :)

The room from the beds

Close-up of desk nook