Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reminder to myself

I still need to blog about:
  • Lee-lee's Baby showers
  • Beach Trip
  • Regions Charity Classic


Ten Year High School Reunion

May 9th I celebrated being out of High School for 10 years. Wow!! 

In some ways it doesn't feel as if I am 10 years older and in some ways it has been forever since I walked the halls of UMS-Wright as a student. We went on a tour of the school which included the new Fine Arts building and the new E.A. Roberts building. Kevin, Moseley, Chambers and I had so much fun at the picnic visiting with friends. Moseley especially liked the Moonwalk and making friends with our classmates children! 


Mother's Day

This was my third Mother's day. My first as a momma of two, though.  Let's just say it never gets old! I LOVE waking up and reveling in the fact I have two beautiful little boys and an amazing big boy (Kevin) who has been such a great husband and father. God has really been good to me! When I woke up we all three snuggled for a bit which was so wonderful.

I was in Mobile for my 10 year reunion (more on that later) so I woke up Sunday at my momma's and Moseley, Kevin and Chambers gave me this book I had been coveting called, "Someday You'll Thank Me for This: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to being a 'Perfect' Mother." It's a funny book, one in a series, and they have great southern recipes scattered throughout. It is even signed by the Authors!

Then, as part of my gift, Momma and I set off downtown ALONE to have brunch and walk around. We ate at the Renaissance Riverview, which was fabulous. 

We also went to the Battlehouse so my momma could tell me stories of her childhood spent there. She went to many dances there as well as had lunch with my grandmom Mary Buff when they played hookey from school. Then we told secrets in the archway. If you whisper at one side, you can hear it clear as day in the other side. It's amazing!!

We had so much fun! Thanks for being the best mom ever, Momma!!