Friday, September 28, 2007

Name changes

I told my mom about Allan's grandmom recently passing away. Her grandmom name is Mumsie. My mother, formerly known as "Mia" has decided she wants to be a "Mumsie." Fine. Don't care. But pick something or your gonna be known as "that crackhead of a grandmom."

Ok, scratch Mumsie... now we are looking at Kimsie, Mimsy, and Poopsy.

To solve this we have added a poll to the left hand side of the screen. Please vote for your favorite Grandmom name!!

Pineapple upside down cake

My grandmom gave me a recipe for pineapple upside down cake. She also sent me home with all of the ingredients (about a month ago). I finally made it last night and chose to make two 9" rounds of it. It was delicious! The picture looks wonky but it really was good. I sent one of the two with Kevin today and his office devoured it before 9am.

Tubby time and crazy do's

I thought I'd share these funny pics of Moseley in the tub. I played hairdresser with him today. Notice how he has a small rubber duck in each hand (a bride and groom: thanks Anna!) and refuses to relinquish them.

Mose with crazy hair...

Mose as Elvis...

Mose as Troy Bolton (i.e., frat boy do)

The Bag!

This is the little bag I smocked for Laine's birthday. If you frequent doctor offices you may run into her. She's short (under 28 inches) and has small feet. If you see her, DO NOT TELL her about this bag. Her parents, the Litton's, have a strict "no screen time" rule so I know she won't be checking it out online. I need to add straps so she can stuff it full and drag it around!

Kevin has passed the bar exam!!

We found out a few minutes ago that Kevin passed the Alabama State Bar. Woo hoo! He is glad to have that chapter over!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


In better news, I have learned to smock. After the john john was so easy, I decided to shoot for the stars. So, I smocked a little bag for Laine to drag around and will start practicing other designs, etc. I hand pleated the bag which took a lot of time but will probably take the rest to be pleated for me (didn't know that was an option!). It is fun and very relaxing. No one can make fun of me if I take my *new* sewing bag around to playdates!!!

If I ever get home I will be making more john johns so stay tuned for more pictures!

-new sewing bag-

When it rains, it pours

Sunday afternoon I got from my sister in law that began… “don’t freak out, but your brother’s in the hospital.” I, of course, immediately began to worry. Apparently, following a virus, Staples lost his muscle strength. It came on fast and the doctors were worried it was Guillain-barre syndrome. Nancy was terrified and needed support. We wanted to help her and be there for Staples.

My momma drove up to Montgomery in the middle of the night Sunday. Monday morning we left for Augusta, Georgia. We arrived at about 2pm eastern time to find that Staples tests came back good and he was doing much better. He was diagnosed with a post-viral fibromyalgia and was released after about 30 hours of hospitalization. Thank the Lord!

So far, so good, Staples was on his way to recovery. Because of our swift departure I didn’t have a chance to get my oil changed. I set out Tuesday morning to get it changed b/c we were going to leave that day at about 12p. On the way to get my oil changed, my car broke down and had to be towed to the Bobby Jones Ford for repairs. Assuming just a few hours in the shop would fix it, my momma and I went shopping for a new sewing bag. We get THE CALL a few hours later. Larry, from the dealership, says that the car has “jumped time” and will need a new engine. This will cost about $5,000. Seeing as the car isn’t worth that much, it is totaled and we have no means of transportation home. My sweet, precious, vehicle is being sold for mere parts as we speak…

So, again, we still need to get home so I call the car rental companies. ALL OF THEM. Easy enough except they are all either booked for the next week or don’t offer one-way rentals to Montgomery. So, we are trying to work out how exactly we are supposed to get home.

Update: Nancy is driving us to Atlanta today(2.5 hrs away) and Kevin will pick us up and take us to Montgomery (another 2.5 hrs away).

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sew Great!

This is the first of many John-johns I will be making. Many thanks to my stepmom, Victoria, for teaching me to sew, many moons ago. The completed outfit is lime green (fabric I already had) with khaki buttons and a snap crotch. I will eventually get it monogrammed on the front in khaki. The hardest part was... the button holes!! Completely rigged :) It took me approximately one SEC football game to complete the outfit (3.5 hours). I hope that as I do more, they will get easier and quicker to complete :) Now, all I need is a Singer XL6000 Quantum, then I can make and embroider all my favorite boys a john-john!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nonna and Grandad

Kevin's parents came to Montgomery this weekend to see Moseley. Who are we kidding, no one cares about the parents of Mose B. For some reason, we couldn't be more thrilled. He is loved little guy. We watched the Auburn game and the Alabama game yesterday - (war eagle!). Today, we all went down the street to Sinclair's Restaurant. It was great! Moseley barely ate dinner tonight after they left, he was zonked!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More teeth.

We have all four top front teeth in now... for a grand total of 6 teeth! I can't believe how easy it has been. A little whiny but he still sleeps fine. I count my blessings!

The Big Easy...

... is not always easy. We went to New Orleans this past weekend to stay with my best childhood friend, Mary Noller Boyle. My momma, her momma, and her daddy also went with us.

We got there Friday about 1p and right off, we had a blast. We ate (mexican), we shopped, we drove around. We even saw the schol where she teaches, Kehoe-France. It was all so wonderful. And then, time comes to put Moseley down to sleep. Normally, he goes right down at 6p, no problem. Apparently he is now at the age where he knows what's going on, b/c he staged a mighty battle. He ended up going to bed aroun 10pm!!!! FOUR HOURS LATER! I thought for sure this was the end of our 12-hours-a-night-sleeping era.

So, again on Saturday, we ate (ACME Seafood), we shopped, we drove around. And when time came to sleep (at 6p) he fell right asleep! It was such a relief. And ever since then, he's been fine!

Some fun shops we went to on Saturday:
Little Miss Muffin (I bought some hairbows for my imaginary girl, and Kevin got a red shirt from my momma)
The Palm Patch (Lilly Pulitzer, need I say more?)
eM's (my momma got a pretty skirt on sale, it is so her!)
Elizabeth's Linens (The mose beautiful nightgown and robe I have ever seen!)

So then, on Sunday, we left Mare's around 2:30 after eating at the Audubon Golf Club. We headed just around the corner to River Ridge to visit some family friends of ours, the Mirabile's. They had fun playing with Moseley, and he in turn really hammed it up for them. He really enjoyed their attention!

We left that night around 5 and had an uneventful drive home... it was a wonderful weekend. I will add some pics or a link a bit later.

Link to some NOLA pics

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Getting into everything

Moseley army-crawls. I thought this might be a good thing b/c he may not get into as much stuff as a regular crawler. I was wrong! He gets into everything! Here he is under the table, playing with our TV remote. I don't know how he got it out of the remote basket, but he did. He kept getting mad at the tablecloth for being on him. I tried to explain that the tablecloth was there first, but he didn't get it.


Today we had another playdate at Catherine's. Jimmy and Anna came and James and Catherine were there too. I only have pics of my monster b/c James was being changed and Jimmy was blocked by Mose when I finally whipped out my camera.

Today we had another playdate at Catherine's. Jimmy and Anna came and James and Catherine were there too. I only have pics of my monster b/c James was being changed and Jimmy was blocked by Mose when I finally whipped out my camera.

Keeping up with Laine

Last Friday, Moseley and I went to the Litton's house so I could keep Laine. Laine is crawling and semi-walking so you can imagine that I had my hands full. I was just hoping she'd show Mose some of her moves. Moseley is a slow army-crawler so I didn't have to worry about him going anywhere. In the first pic, Moseley is "down for a nap" while Laine pushes him back and forth in the pack-n-play. It was so cute.

Later, Moseley taunted Laine with his paci...

...and Laine decided she could take it no more and tried to get the paci for herself!

We had a lot of fun and they BOTH ended up taking long naps.