Sunday, April 22, 2012

And we're back!

Ok here is where I promise to be a better blogger... Wait for it... Nope, not gonna happen. Oh well ;) I will try to update more often but my life is crazy busy these days so that is really all I can say.

An update on the boys...

Moseley just turned 5 and is helpful and smart and in a wonderful stage. He also can read which blows my mind! He starts Kindergarten in the fall which is both exciting and very sad. This is the official start to his 13 yrs of lower education and then who knows how many of higher. Did I mention he is helpful? It is essential to the function of our household and I am grateful!

Chambers is three. That should explain a lot but in case it doesn't I will expand. He is adorable. He is inquisitive. He is smart and he is THREEVIL! He uses his manners a lot and flashes his dimple which makes me melt. Then two seconds later he has smashed his brothers ice block that took all night to freeze. It drives me nuts. It really confuses someone who likes consistency! But I love him to pieces and can't imagine living in a quiet, calm world where he doesn't exist.

Roe is a sweet little baby. Yes, he is 20 months and so should be closing in on 2 but he isn't. He still wobbles when he walks. He signs more than talks. He is very, very babyish. I like to think his stability and verbal skills will improve with his tubes being put in. I actually don't care if they do. I like him being my baby. I like holding him. I am now realizing just how short the boys babyhood really is and I just want to drag is out.