Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girls night out!

I went to Birmingham yesterday for a Girls night out. I arrived in time to have lunch with Krista who is due with her first baby in SIX WEEKS! I dropped a salad off at David's work then headed to my art class. I met Anna and Catherine (no babies!) at the Jennifer Harwell studio for our class. We drank Baileys and Milk and Coffee during the class which made it very interesting. After we finished our masterpieces we headed to Allison's house to change for our night out. We ate at Greyhouse Grille and then had drinks at Innisfree.

Anna, Jess, and Catherine with our creations.

Unfortunately, back in Montgomery, Moseley began throwing up around 10:30p. After we all parted ways I headed back to Montgomery. I made good time and got back about 12:30a.

He is fine now though. Just reacted badly to his dinner of chili and mexican cornbread.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playdate with Katie and Sam

Click here to see pics and info from our fun playdate last Thursday with Katie and Sam!

Snow in Montgomery?

We had snow in Montgomery, Alabama. Moseley wasn't sure what to think. He held a "snow ball" briefly before dropping it. It was kind of cold, I don't blame him :)

Giddy Mose playing with momma and daddy.

Momma and Mose cuddling for warmth.

How many layers does that baby have on?

Hey, this is cold!

Our view of Huntingdon college from our porch.

A view down our street.


Please say a few prayers for peace for the Burgess' family today. Yesterday, their son drowned in the Family's swimming pool. You can read their statement on the Rick and Bubba site.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thought for the day...

"It's not that good things always come to those who are faithful, more that as we are faithful we see the things that are so bad get transformed into goodness."

-Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr. (Rector of our Church, St. Johns)

This must be the climbing stage.

Moseley loves to climb onto things. If he can't get onto them himself, he stacks a toy and uses it as a ladder. I found him on the coffee table a few days ago. He also loves to stand up backwards in his rocking chair and rock. Slightly terrifying for me. This also means I have to watch his every move. Even his room isn't safe anymore! Luckily, Kevin and I have also taught him to get off of things by scooting backwards. As long as he isn't flinging himself off he should be ok. Let's hope DHR doesn't come and get me before the month is out.


Yesterday, while the boys were at school, Katie and I decided to go and get a pedicure to celebrate my birthday. It was great to get pampered and not have to chase Moseley around. Afterwards, we picked out a place to eat "that we couldn't take the boys."

When I finally picked Moseley up from school at 1p we both took a nap until 4:30p!!! What a great day it was!

The Big Easy... again

This weekend I went to New Orleans to celebrate my birthday. Momma, Moseley and I had a great time and I got a lot of really awesome gifts. Plus, we ate at a Mexican restaurant, my favorite. On Sunday, we went on a small shopping spree. I got some new Jeans and a shirt (thank you Victoria and Dad for the gift certificate to the Gap!). And... I found the perfect swimsuit. It is brown with a light blue lettuce edge. It has a tankini top and bikini bottom and there is also a swim skirt for modesty.

On Saturday I had a bit of car trouble. My power steering pump exploded just outside of the Jeep dealership. Luckily they had it ready for me when we got back.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jones Soda

Please go to and vote for the pictures of Moseley I have posted.

In the search box use the following numbers to look up his pictures. 0000900512, 0000900513, 0000900514.

Thank you!!

What does Mono and Pinkeye have in common?


That's right folks, he has Mononucleosis and conjunctivitis. He has to take about 5 different medicines every 4 hours.

On top of this I have to wear a boot on my left foot due to a painful bone spur and have a staph infection in my nose.

We need many prayers said because we are the crippled leading the sick! Thank the good Lord that Moseley is not sick.

In good news, I am going to NOLA this weekend to visit my friend Mary Noller. I am so pumped, we always have a ton of fun.

Monday, January 7, 2008


So this weekend, Kevin and I went to Decatur to finally clebrate Christmas with them. It just so happens that Saturday was my birthday too! Needless to say it was a fantastic birthday. I was completely spoiled by everyone!

My favorite gifts were the 8 monogrammed Tervis Tumblers I got, jcrew gift card, and my brand spaking new Sirius radio player. Mine was old and decrepid and this one is so teeny!!

Thank you for all my birthday wishes via phone calls, emails, facebook, and text messages. I felt so loved!

We had our Plan Review last Friday and the house is gonna be great. More news on that to come.