Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Newest Little Sugar!

It's a BOY!!

Sweet Profile Shot

Sucking his thumb like Chambers...

He looks so snug!

Little boy #3 has no name :( We just ran out for now! Hopefully we will be able to sit down this weekend and come to a consensus about a name for this little angel. We are so excited and have updated the nursery for this little joy. I will hopefully be able to post some pics in a few weeks.

I get to go back for another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check on some fluid build-up in his kidney. Maybe if I take another disc they will give me some pictures from that U/S as well! I never get tired of seeing my little miracles!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have a quiz up and I want you all to vote!!

<----------- Vote on whether our bundle of joy will be swaddled in PINK or bathed in BLUE! I will announce on Saturday the winner :)


The boys new toy!

Great-grandmother Helen W. Wood gave this Sand and Water Table to the boys for Easter. They are obsessed!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Theatre Seating!

This morning was a bit crazy. Yesterday, my car decided it wouldn't recognize my key to start the engine and wouldn't start. So this morning the boys and I took Kevin to work (at 7 am!) and headed home to wait on the tow truck. Today was also the day our sweet and dear cleaning lady, Rosa comes to clean. She usually gets here about 7:45a. We aren't normally here while she cleans, because Thursdays are our early Bell Center Days which works out great for us. But because we needed to take care of the car business we had to miss the Bell Center and stick around the house. My solution? Park them in front of the garage TV (out of Rosa's way) and strap them into the Power Wheels! Talk about Theatre Seating. They were so good for nearly all of NEMO - which is a miracle b/c neither will watch an entire show at a seating :) They got to watch the towing process which was good fun and once they got restless we headed in the backyard while Rosa and Andreas finished up.

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