Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We are mobile!

ok, so Moseley doesn't crawl in the traditional sense. He does a combination army crawl, scoot, pull-along thing. He gets where he wants to go though. In the last few days, I haven't left him alone for too long or he has gotten across the room into the stereo system/CDs/remotes, etc. Right now, he is actually headed out the door! I had just put him in the middle of the rug near the sofa.

R-rated Joke

Ok, so my little 9 yr old nephew/cousin, Bancroft, is a hoot. He is always cracking me up. Recently, he and my aunt Ellen went to the island for the weekend (Dauphin Island) where he got stung by a stinging nettle (aka, jellyfish). Ellen asked him a few days later how he was doing b/c of the incident. He looked right at her and said, "I'm ok, I guess, but that thing had his TESTICLES wrapped all around me." She replied, "Tentacles." And he said, 'Tentacles! That's what I meant to say!"

I cried listening to the story, it was so funny.

Good Morning!

Moseley and I played on the front porch while Kevin took some pics this morning. Moseley has hair issues as you can see. The funniest thing is, Kevin's hair looks just like Moseley's in the morning! Like father, like son.

Playgrounds Galore!

There are several awesome playgrounds near our house in Montgomery... we are very furtunate for this. However it has been so hot, even in the morning that it is miserable for both of us. Saturday, Kevin and I took Mose to one but only stayed for about 15 minutes. It was so hot, even the seat of the swing scalded our tushes.

Go Hawks!

Right before a big storm the other day we decided to all go on a walk. So, we strolled around the Huntingdon College campus. It is very pretty. After about 30 minute is started raining and we had to run home. Good thing we live across the street!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Moseley's Nine Month Check-up

Today, Moseley had his 9 month appt. He weighs 19 #, 4 oz and is 29" tall. I think his height is off though so we will be remeasuring soon. He looks taller than 29" :) All is well and he is steadily growing. He is just under the 50th percentile in weight, but over 93rd percentile in height.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Please sir, can I have some more?

So, my little "infant" eats real food now. No gruel anymore! It takes him awhile to get a piece to his mouth, he gets about 1 out of every 3. Sometimes, if he is really hungry, he gets frustrated and I have to help him before he has a meltdown. It is certainly easier this way, I can make our meal and some extra fruit and veggies for Mose. In these pics, he is eating cut up carrots, peas and corn.

It's a Girl! (not me silly)

Allison and Richard are having a girl! Ok, so we have known she was a girl for 6 weeks but now they have an official name. For some reason that makes it so real! Her name is Ella Katherine Pullen and she will join the world around December 25. She'll go by Ella Kate, of course, because a cute girl MUST have a cute name. Here is a picture of the beautiful girl-to-be...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Playdate on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Anna and I went to a playdate at Catherine's. James (in red), Jimmy (in navy), and Moseley had fun playing together. Of course, James can crawl so needless to say, he got around much better than the other two. It's funny, the babies are finally at an age when they can interact and play with toys together. Their favorite activity is stealing each others toys.

Non-digestable things

So, one day not too long ago, Moseley was in his car seat during a drive from Birmingham to Montgomery. Next to him was a styrofoam cooler. Five minutes is all it took for him to have the styrofoam top off the cooler and in his lap. Then, he broke it in half. Continuing to play with it, Kevin thought he might try and chew on it. So, I took it away from him and thought nothing more of it. The next day, guess what was in his diaper - styrofoam! I can understand why it didn't break down.

However, this morning we had another guest in his diaper - whole corn kernels from dinner last night. WHAT THE HECK? I do not understand why food wouldn't break down...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Pics!!

These are some pics of our trip (Mose's 1st plane ride) to NC, our new baby swing, and the Bar Exam.

August 2007 Pics


Or at least for us :) Moseley ate three cheerios today all by himself. Up until now, he has eaten cheerios (a TON of cheerios) but with our assistance. He opens his mouth and we stick a cheerio in. But today, he put three cheerios in a row in his mouth by himself. This might be the beginning of our little "infant" feeding himself like a big boy. Ok, so I am being melodramatic but seriously, he is almost 9 months old and he acts so old! It is crazy - time flies.

Trained In

Kevin's Documentary, Trained In, was chosen to play in Birmingham's Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival!!!!! We are so thrilled. You can visit the Sidewalk site closer to time to see when it will play. Please come out and see it! The Birmingham News wrote an article about the documentary as well. Check it out online.

Friday, August 17, 2007

- Lately -

So, lately here are some things Moseley is doing:
1) He still sleeps from 6p to 6a - we are so lucky...
2) Getting his legs stuck in the bars of his crib. There isn't a bumper on it anymore and every morning we go in to see him with his legs hanging out and stuck on a fat roll (or two).
3) Woken up to a soaking wet pants. He rolls over on his tummy in his sleep and the front of his diaper just can't hold the 12 hours of tee tee.
4) Rolls around and army crawls to get to what he wants (toys, remotes, cell phones, etc). He sits up and starts to crawl but then lays flat on his tummy. I know that the second he is mobile, my life will change completely, but I can't help but want to see that milestone soon!
5) Claps like a champ.
6) Blows kisses (not on demand)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Laugh it up

Needless to say, we have a lot of fun with Moseley. He is very ticklish and loves to laugh. We were at V. Richards for breakfast the other morning and Mose was eavesdropping on another table. All of a sudden, they busted out laughing. What did Moseley do? Busted out laughing while staring at them. They stopped, looked over and he's still laughing. It was the funniest (and slightly embarrassing) thing. So here are some videos of him laughing up a storm. They are small files so watch it as small as you can.

My sister's graduation in May.

Forgive me but this is a flashback post :) My sister (in-law, but only technically) Nancy, graduated in from Medical School in May and I couldn't be there. I was very sad but my family filmed it. Here is the short clip of her being hooded by my brother (her husband), her daddy, and posthumously by her grandfather, Dr. Eugene de Juan. I wanted to post it so everyone can see how proud I am of her.

We have a new swing!

So, today we (finally) put up a swing for Moseley. Thanks to Anna for giving it to us! He loves is and kicks his legs and laughs while swinging. We really didnt have a place to put him if we were out on the fornt porch so this is perfect. We took a very low quality video of him swinging so forgive the blur.. it looks better if you decrease the size of the viewing screen.