Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Halloween (a little early)

I love Halloween! It's my third favorite Holiday (Christmas is first of course, then Thanksgiving. Easter is fourth...) I don't have a lot of decorations b/c in the past we didn't have as much room or trick or treat-ers for that matter. I went looking for a wreath and was disappointed in the ones I saw so I decided to make one. It's made out of construction paper, a coat hanger and toilet paper rolls. I had all the supplies already save several rolls that Tally brought me :)


Our New Car

Ok so it looks like we are just getting all things new lately but we really have been putting off getting a new car until after we closed on the house. I promise it was warranted.

Our car stats b4 the new car:
1998 White Jeep Cherokee with 168,000 miles (mine)
1991 Red Jeep Cherokee with 230,000 miles (Kev's)

So you see we were in need of a new car. You might think we traded in the Red Jeep... but we didn't. Why? Because I affectionately call my Jeep "Christine" b/c it tried on numerous occasions to kill me! The latest incident occurred last Tuesday when the car continued to accelerate regardless of how hard I pressed the brake.

So, we had been looking for a new car for awhile and my dream car is a Volvo V70 station wagon... so Kevin sweetly accommodated :) Since we always take the "family car" on trips it made more sense for me to get a new car that will accommodate 2 children and 2 adults. I promise the next new car will be for him!

From the front - I couldn't get a side shot from the garage b/c it's too long...

Front seat interior

Roomy back seat - which is now the home of Moseley's monster carseat :)

Cargo space!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Part 3

Some of these pics are redundant b/c I told my fam I'd post pics of the pictures we have hung...

Living Room

Living Room looking from front door (not sure why it's blurry)

Living Room looking towards front door

Upstairs - playroom

Upstairs - playroom (again, not sure why it's blurry)

Upstairs - playroom

Upstairs - Moseley's room

Upstairs - Moseley's Bedroom

Upstairs - Playroom

Upstairs hall to Guestroom: those are framed Candyland board games from when my mom was little (top: 1950's) and when my aunt Ellen was little (bottom: 1960's)

Upstairs - Playroom (cozy reading nook)


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Part Two

My Tub!!

Hall from Master to Kitchen, Powder, Living Room, stairs to second. Notice Kevin's Nall Poster that is signed by Nall!!!

Dining Area

Messy Laundry Room

Powder Room


House Pics (Finally!) Part One

So, now that the Engwalls helped us get our house decorated, I can post pics!

Master bedroom

Master bath


Hallway from Living Room to powder, master, kitchen and view of stairs to second floor

Living Room


What do you get?

When you combine 5 Engwalls and a weekend at our house?...

No More "To Do" List!!!

We had our dear friends, the Engwalls, (aka our 2nd family) come in for the weekend from Atlanta, Perdido and Little Rock.

They spent the weekend with us having fun and hanging all of our pictures, putting together a child's train table, hanging shelving, and arranging furniture.

Kevin and I were just thrilled to have them here and Moseley loved having "Murph" (a very well behaved dog) around to terrorize.

From left - Lee Holding a painting to be hung, Wyatt and Kevin looking at nails and screws, Caroline weilding a hammer and talking to Georgia (not pictured). Steven (Caro's hubby) and Murphy (best dog ever) is also not pictured.


Friday, September 19, 2008

The Name Game

So we haven't discussed names on our blog yet. Not on purpose just part of the forgetfulness of pregnancy. Of course, Kevin is a much more private person than I and would probably say it was on purpose.

If it's a boy, we'll name him John "Chambers" Garrison, II after Kevin's great-great grandfather. He was the original John Chambers Garrison.

If it's a girl, we'll name her "Anna Belle" Isom Garrison, after Kevin's grandmother. Our girl name is technically 4 names but it worked for me. My [mouth]full name is Jessica Elizabeth Kimbrough Wood Garrison.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hunter Isaac Snow and Samuel Jacob Tuck

Congratulations to Sarah and her husband Jason as they welcome a precious baby boy into their lives.

Hunter Isaac Snow was born on September 16th at 9:22am at 9 lbs 6 oz and 21.5" long. He is so precious. I only wish I could be there to hold him.

Also I want to shout out a Happy THIRD birthday to Sammy Tuck, Moseley's dearest friend. I can't believe we re missing this milestone.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's weather, clothes, etc

Yesterday the weather was cool, breezy and wonderful. Today the weather is gorgeous as well just a tad warmer b/c of the sunshine. At 11a Moseley and I headed down the street for a Halloween Parade Planning Party. Dawn was so sweet to have everyone at her house.

When we got home our new fence was being put up - YAY!!

This is Moseley posing in his new outfit he wore today.


Friday, September 12, 2008

It's great to be a... UMS Bulldog!

Addendum: My nephew, Bancroft is playing football for UMS (5th grade) so we are also big fans of his!!

Moseley wears all of my old school t-shirts from when I was younger to sleep in. Since I loved being a UMS Bulldog then naturally so does he (unofficially, of course). This particular shirt is from UMS crimson-grey day in 1989. Go Bulldogs!

Cheese Momma

Striking a milk pose...


Bargains on the Bluff

This morning, I innocently took Moseley to school just like on any other Friday. But this Friday his school, Bluff Park UMC, was hosting their semi-annual consignment sale, Bargains on the Bluff. I do love a good bargain or as I like to call it "Beating the System." So this is what I got...

School and play clothes for Moseley when it gets colder.
- 4 John-johns, a pair of navy cords, red fleece vest and fire truck turtleneck. the duck john-john is reversible to light blue with clowns!!

Um, more school/play clothes for Moseley when it gets colder.
- 2 John-johns, green cord pants, green cord overalls, cream sweater and snowflake turtleneck.

Snugglies or Jammers as we call them.
- 2 pairs of brand new Nordstrom PJs and a pair of truck PJs.

Christmas dressies.
- The Christmas Lights outfit is brand new with tags!

Gear, a sling for the new baby (didn't forget SweetPea today!), red Keds for next summer, 4 Matchbox lights-n-sounds trucks for Moseley (obsessed with trucks), 2 pairs of tights (yes, my baby boy wears tights in the winter) and a double car protector for 2 car seats. We are looking into getting a "new" car soon and with two children in the back throwing food around this will come in handy. Plus it has organizer pockets!

All of this for $180. When you read this, please don't be mad at me sweetie! I was just trying to save us money!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just another day at the pool

Pardon the resolution - these were taken with my Blackberry...

Moseley relaxing by the baby pool.

Woo hoo, splash pad!


"Moan daddy, Seet!" (Translation: Come On Daddy, Sit!")