Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Handy Manny

After you get over the shock of 2 posts in one day, read this little anecdote my momma told me this weekend.

My great-grandmother attended a church picnic when she was little. While there a little boy pulled his pants down and tee-tee'd. My great-grandmother turned to her Sunday school teacher and said "Well, that is a handy thing to have at a picnic!!" My great-great-Grandmother found out and laughed and laughed...


Say It With Me...

One Tequila...

Two Tequila...

Three Tequila...


The boy will sleep anywhere!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What happens when you wake up at 3:30am?

You fall asleep during early lunch.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

My 29th Birthday

**I promise I will blog about Christmas but it will be such an involved post I figured I'd knock out this smaller one.

On my 29th Birthday the boys sang me Happy Birthday. Well, Kevin wanted them too but Chambers can't carry a tune very well and Moseley sobbed the whole time b/c he was sad it wasn't HIS birthday. Not cool, guys. But the gesture was sincere.

My friend Beth made me brownies and my friend Catherine took me out for Coffee and bought us a sled for the upcoming forecast of snow. I also got a spa gift certificate from my Daddy and Victoria which is perfect!! Also, Aunt Cici and Uncle Stevo sent me some beautiful frames so I put pics of the boys in them. Kevin's parents and my momma will be here next weekend to celebrate my birthday all over again... I like having a Birthday month!!

That night, Kevin picked me up (he was coming from work) with flowers in hand and went to the Olive Garden for dinner and to see "Up in the Air." Great movie and awesome food.

I got beautiful diamond princess cut stud earrings as a joint Christmas/Birthday gift.

It was a good birthday despite the age. I was 12 mourning 13 about 17 years ago and some things never change!


Goings on...

When I typed the title it automatically filled the rest in so apparently I have used this title before. Oh well I am not very creative these days. I thought I'd actually write a blog while I have some time of what we are all up to.

(3 yr, 41" & 35#)
Is a learning and talking machine. He asks a million questions and is constantly saying "Why?" or "How does this work?" or "Can you show me how to work this thing?" He has a TAG reader that he loves and helps quench the curiosity for a bit each day.

Lately I have been waking him after an hour or so from his nap (if he takes one) so he won't wake up to early in the morning. He goes to bed about 6:30 or 7:00p and wakes up between 5:30a and 6:30a.

Mose taking a nap in my bed. He fell asleep in the car and I just couldn't carry him up the stairs.

He is very sweet to his brother. If Chambers is crying he goes and finds toys to distract him or rubs his back saying "It's ok, don't cry sweetie cutie." He also thinks that Chambers is his age/durability. Chambers laughs when Moseley pulls him across the floor by his feet, which then makes Moseley die laughing.

After I get of the phone he asks "Momma, who is on the phone?" Last week I said, "Daddy." He said "my daddy." and I said "your daddy is my husband." He said, "Yes, and my husband is Grandmom." It was hilarious! He of course is referring to his great grandmother who he calls grandmom and he adores her. He always runs to her and wants to sit with her and go places with her. It cracks me up!!

He calls me babydoll. As in "Momma, you dropped your keys! Here you go babydoll."

He also likes to play "Momma and Baby." If he has two similar toys (or two of the same thing, i.e., he has 2 Thomas Tank Engines and 2 Percy Engines) he will make one the baby and one the Momma and have them interact. Usually involving eating, sleeping, playing and a time-out.

He loved the Princess and the Frog. As a result, he wanted to watch some other disney movies we have. He now calls The Little Mermaid, "The Princess and the Fish" and Cinderella, "The Princess and her Mom." I assume the last one is due to the fairy godmother's part in the story.

He has a baby doll that he has had and sleeps with for 2 years. We asked him to name him and he said he already had named him. When we asked him the name, he said, "Pony Watkins, or Cheryl for short."

Moseley loves music. His inclination leans toward songs about Jesus and all Lady Gaga. He sometimes does Jesus/Poker Face mash-ups which I am sure makes God super-happy.

Moseley still has RAD but we only nebulize every day/every other day. Other than that he is so healthy and LOVES veggies. He really likes Avocado's and eats them out of the skin with a spoon. The only thing we have found he doesn't like is Mandarin Oranges. Weird, I know, who doesn't like those. They are typical kiddie food but he avoids them and has since he started eating food. He loves clementines, oranges, grapefruits and all other citrus fruits, though.

Moseley is left-handed. Eats, throws, bats, writes, etc with his left hand. Sometimes I find him trying to use his right hand but shortly after he will shake his head and switch hands.
James D. and Moseley playing with James play food. James chose Chocolate syrup and a banana. Moseley chose a brownie, pickle, mustard and loaf of bread.

(1 yr, 31.25" & 22#)
Chambers also talks a mile a minute. He just babbles like he is talking to someone and adds a few raspberries here and there.
Chambers, stuck on his Lion.

He says - Mamma, Dadda, Hi (and holds his hand to his ear like a cell phone) and Bye (holds both hands and waves them Hugh Grant/Love Actually-Style).

Sticking out his tongue.

He signs - "more," "all done," and "milk."

If you ask for a kiss he will lean to you and open his mouth. I love this! We kiss a lot :)

He crawls so fast, cruises around furniture, and loves push toys (or turning any toy/chair into a push toy) but he isn't walking. Moseley was a slow walker so I imagine Chambers will be too.

He has 6 teeth. 4 upper and 2 lower. It's amazing how a child's face can change with the topography of teeth.


He seems right-handed and still has one cheek dimple and one chin dimple. He sucks his thumb when he is super tired or sleeping. I can always tell nap time b/c he starts sucking his thumb.
Sucking his thumb

He takes 2 naps a day, about 2 hrs each (8:30-10:30 & 1-3p) and sleeps at night from 6p-6:30a. When you go to put him down he will roll over and start sucking his thumb immediately. He likes his sound machine to be on as well as his Tiny Love Musical Mobile (without the mobile part).

He doesn't like being put in his carseat but then is completely quiet once he is in it.

He takes a bottle or sippy cup of whole milk. He eats almost everything we do. He seems to be like his brother and LOVES all food. But unlike Moseley he likes Mandarin Oranges.

He doesn't like being left behind. Even if he is in a room full of toys. If Moseley or I leave him gated in a room he will scream and cry. I try to ignore it so he doesn't "get his way" but it must be hard to be so co-dependent. He love climbing and stairs are so perfect for that. He also pushes stools around to create a good place for climbing, I really have to watch this one!


Chambers One Year Check-up

Looks like we have another tall boy on our hands!

Length - 31.25 inches (90th%)
Weight - 22 pounds (45th%)
Head circumference - 18 inches (25th%)

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